Required fields in the Employee card

Tab Statistics - Structure of salaires LSE

The three fields Employment contract, Education and Occupational status in the Statistics tab in the Employee card must be filled for the transmission of loss events. These fields are otherwise also required for the LSE (Swiss wage structure survey of the Federal Statistical Office).


With the Employment Contract story, these three pieces of information are transmitted in addition to the other information of the person’s employment contract like the dates of recruitment and resignation for fixed-term contracts, monthly wages, 13th monthly wage information, part-time employment level, role, etc.


Tab Personal details - ZIP City

Foreign postal codes must not be entered with a letter. D-12345 will lead to an error in claim notice sub-mission.


Tab Job - Role - Date of resignation for temporary employment

The information about the person’s contract also includes role assignment. It is specified in the Accident card.

In the case of a temporary employment, the date of resignation can already be recorded. If it has not yet been entered in the Personnel card at the time of claim notice submission, the insurer will make an inquiry in the case of a claim with daily benefits.


Tab Salary - Monthly parts

Monthly parts are required for reports on employee’s working hours lost to control the maximum monthly hours (number of weekly hours*52 weeks in a year/12)