KLE Setup Payroll Setup

SWS KLE Edit authorization role

The person responsible for payroll must have the SWS KLE Edit role. See ‘Authorization roles’ and ‘Users’. The SWS-KLE Read authorization role can be used to restrict access so that a user can view KLE data but cannot enter or mutate it.


Activating the four KLE tiles

The first adjustment is made in the Payroll master data in tab UVG - UVG Contract. If the KLE checkbox is selected, the four KLE tiles are displayed on the main page.

If no contracts are stored, the KLE tiles are not displayed either.


For other insurances like UVGZ and KTG, the KLE checkbox must not be selected. It is currently only possible to report with SUVA, other private insurers will be added later.


The settings below must also be verified and match the ELM insurance profile:



=> UVG => Payroll master data - UVG - UVG Contract, no zeros are allowed in front of the customer number, please note the format. The contract number is recorded using the customer number, in this case 1702-2840.6 space 01. 01 is written in the ‘Contract’ field.



Company identification number (different for each client) must be entered in the Payroll master data in tab General. Please note the format!




KLE Nummern-Serie erstellen

Open the Number Series using the search and enter a new number series. for ex. KLE000000

The KLE number series must be stored in the Payroll Setup via Swissdec Setup - KLE Setup.


KLE Swissdec settings - Contact details for SUA certificate delivery

Company contact with an email address and a contact person (usually the person responsible for payroll) must be stored in Contact Person under the Settings tab.

This contact person is the recipient of the password, which is sent by registered mail.