Employer and insurer dialog

The dialog is used by companies or insurers for notification purposes. It is used to send simple messages (similar to SMS or email), tasks, up to simple standardized form templates (e.g., job description). It is created using the Dialog story.


There are two types of dialog stories. ‘Story by company’ and ‘Story by insurance company’ are initialized. The second story usually requires a response (if a deadline is set). However, the first story by the company is one-sided and does not require any replies from the insurer.


An example of a dialog initiated by the company:

The menu can be closed after the title (this information must be entered) and the text in ‘Query/Cover note’ have been entered. A new ‘Dialog’ line appears in the Overview of KLE cases stories that must now be submitted.


Story initiated by insurance company:

This message requires editing. Once the response has been recorded, the menu can be closed and the story transmitted.


If further dialog stories need to be entered, a new one can be entered either via an existing dialog. Click on =>new in the top left corner of the dialog, a new dialog window appears. Or on the KLE Case Story overview => Stories - Select dialog. An existing dialog story that has already been reported can no longer be changed or added to.


Dialog message in a closed case

A closed case now allows a dialog story to be transmitted. The case is thus reopened (change from status "closed" to "reported.