Sending work incapacity certificate

A work incapacity certificate can be sent to the insurer in an existing case. It is then automatically saved in the employee’s file. A precondition is that the work incapacity certificate is saved somewhere as a PDF file. E.g., in Explorer


If the work incapacity certificate has already been saved in the file, it can also be accessed in the KLE Case via Navigate - Attachment and the document can be selected.

A new case story is automatically prepared upon exit from document selection. => Attachment. This way, work incapacity certificate can be sent to the insurer.

Do not forget to submit and transmit the duration of incapacity to the Incapacity to perform duties story to be worked on based on work incapacity certificate.


Important: Medical certificates will no longer need to be sent to SUVA when data is transmitted and claims are processed via KLE. By means of a written statement that SUVA addresses to the company after the first reported accident with incapacity to perform duties, the company undertakes to provide all medical certificates or keep accident certificates/accident cards and submit them on request.