Adding to, changing story

Events that have already been recorded are listed in KLE case list and displayed using a filtered view. Case No, name and personnel number, type of accident, incident date and report status.

Created, reported or closed cases are displayed in Status depending on filter settings.


Personalize is used to show other columns and apply extended search features with filters.  => see also chapter ‘Search - Filters - Personalize’


After the initial report, the insurer may request other parts that must be completed and submitted within a fixed period. They are marked red. For example:  Accident description, Medical treatment, Employment contract, etc.


Then the confirmation message Case synchronized appears and Status changes to confirmed.


While parts have not yet been transmitted, they can be deleted via ‘Manage’ in case stories. If an incorrect incident date or wrong incapacity to perform duties has already been reported, stories may no longer be deleted.

Chapter Special cases - no incapacity to perform duties despite initial report - describes the procedure used to correct incapacity report.


An incorrectly reported incident date can be corrected by simply overwriting it with the exact incident date. Then the story has to be resubmitted.