Transferring daily allowance statement to the Report journal and printing it

After the report the insurer first sends a report with daily allowance rate, which is often provision-al. Then the message with the daily allowance is shown in red. If you click daily allowance story, the detailed daily allowance statement opens.

Daily allowances can be automatically transferred to a Report journal. => ‘Transfer to Report journal’. Only then the story’s red color changes.


When daily allowance is transferred to the Report journal, both wage type and the journal must be selected and whether the benefit is to be transferred in whole or on a daily basis.


Daily allowance statement can be created and printed out with all personal details or anonymized for accounting purposes.

=> via Print daily allowance statement


The creation of a daily allowance statement in French, Italian or English can be influenced by changing the system language in the 'My settings' menu or by selecting the language directly in the print menu - Advanced.


Daily allowances with hospital deduction 

The deductions for hospital services can also be reported with an individual wage type for ‘Daily allowance wage type (reduction)’ when transferred to a report journal. A wage type intended for this purpose (salary types Expense type, Positive calculation type) must be positive for the calculation type, since the deductions flow as negative from the accounting and are therefore recorded as a deduction in the Report journal.

The journal import type must be set to ‘daily (exact)’.