Accident report with unassigned body area

Accident report with unassigned body area

With release 5062.00 there are five different options for the body side. Unclear is a new addition. With the selection unclear, the same as for right, left and both must be selected for the assigned body parts.

must be selected. With the selection unassigned, the assignment can only be made for unassigned body parts.



If Unclear is selected for BODY SIDE, an element must still be selected for 'Assigned body part'. (From version 5061.003, the wording NOT ASSIGNED will be changed to UNCLEAR)

If no body part corresponds to the selection for 'assigned body part', a selection must be made for 'unassigned body part', but this is only possible if no value is selected for BODY SIDE.  An example of a body part that cannot be assigned is the heart or a shock condition.


If none of the terms offered are selected for the accident type, a free text must be entered under "Other injury type".