Abbreviations and field descriptions



Stories and story parts

Stories are all the messages exchanged between the company and the insurer during an event. There are stories that are transmitted by the com-pany to the insurer (e.g., payroll data) and those that are collected from the insurer (e.g., daily allowance statement)

Parts are the stories that the insurer can dynamically request from the company over the course of a case (e.g., payroll data, accident descrip-tion, incapacity to perform duties, etc.)


You can find here the last synchronization date, other information about the person who had an accident and the status of the case.



Display of the various classes of insurance like UVG, UVGZ, KTG


Information about the accident insurer or other insurer

Company case ID

Case number in SwissSalary

Incident case ID

Tech. Swissdec number

Insurance case ID

This ID is also known by the insurer as claim number, event number, etc.

Declaration request ID

SwissSalary ELM number of each transmitted story. XML file can be viewed in wage reports under the main menu.

Response status

empty, accepted after incident report submission

Process status

empty => Check declaration => Submit claim

Case accepted

no - unclear - yes

Daily allowance amount

it is displayed here as soon as it is known


Information about the current or past loss event

No contract

Indicates whether the notification of claim regarding the event occurred without a contract. This means that a recurrence of an event is reported to a previous employer or there are several employers.


Insurer contact details for the case


Insurer system messages, e.g., system error codes => If it is unclear whether intervention is necessary, please contact SwissSalary support