Frequently asked questions

Is there no pharmacy certificate anymore?        

No, the pharmacy certificate is a relic of the past that is no longer needed today. All pharmacies bill electronically. This means that it is sufficient for the pharmacy to know the insurer’s event number (claim number).


Is it true that medical certificates or work incapacity certificates no longer need to be sent along?

Yes, Suva has decided that KLE customers who report an incapacity to perform duties are no longer required to have a medical certificate. They only need to create and send daily allowance calculations and daily allowance statements based on the reported incapacity to perform duties. Important: The company must be able to provide medical certificate upon Suva’s request!


For this simplified process, SUVA requires an agreement signed by the company entitled ‘Supplementary provisions for the waiver of the delivery of medical certificates’. This document is sent to the company after the first notification of incapacity to perform duties.