Recording salary raise

In many cases, a salary raise during incapacity to perform duties does not lead to an adjustment of daily allowance amount due to legal or contractual provisions. In case of doubt, the insurer can be asked via a dialog prior to reporting a “Salary raise” whether a salary raise is even taken into account.

Please also note: A salary raise is taken into account in the UVG if the requirements of art. 23.7 UVV (Accident Insurance Regulation) are met: If the therapy has lasted for at least three months and the insured person’s wages were increased by at least 10 percent during this time, relevant wages will be redetermined for the future.


After a change in the Personnel card in the Wage tab a reference to the employee’s open KLE cases appears.


In KLE Case Management, the Salary raise story must now be activated in the open case via Other KLE parts. When you leave this page, the story will also appear in the overview of KLE case stories and must be submitted again.