KLE claim recording via SwissSalary Direct Self-Service Portal

SwissSalary Direct und Schadenmeldung KLE 

Settings in SwissSalary Direct Admin Dashboard

The setup of KLE in SwissSalary Direct is done in three steps: 

1.Requirements and settings for KLE claim reports via SwissSalary Direct 
KLE features in SwissSalary Direct are only available with version 5059.000. After SwissSalary update is complete, KLE-Synch must be activated in SwissSalary Direct settings. A synchronization with SwissSalary Direct is required afterwards so that other settings can be adjusted in the Admin Dashboard SwissSalary Direct.

2.Settings for KLE claim recording in the Dashboard of SwissSalary Direct (Self Service-Portal)
Another mandatory requirement is multi-factor authentication set up for SwissSalary Direct. It is only available in the Advanced version. Select the EDIT function in the Admin Dashboard, check the KLE box and the ‘Force two-factor’ option and save the changes. Only now the KLE functions can be viewed by employees..

3.Synchronization without "Last synchronized on" date
After all setups have been made in the SwissSalary and SwissSalary Direct admin dashboard, the "Last synchronized on" date must be removed in the SwissSalary Direct setup in SwissSalary and the "Synchronize" function must be performed under Process. Only now the KLE functions are visible for all employees.