Claim reporting via SwissSalary Direct Self-service Portal

With version 5059.000, a new event can be reported by the person involved in the accident via SwissSalary Direct Self-Service Portal. For more information about system requirements and settings, see Chapter ‘One-time setup’ – KLE claims recording via SwissSalary Direct Self-service Portal.

A case recorded via SwissSalary Direct Self-Service Portal is automatically displayed in the KLE cases overview under NEW. The case can now be edited, supplemented and then submitted to the insurer. If a synchronization is then carried out with SwissSalary Direct, the claim number is displayed for the employee who had an accident in the Self-service Portal (see the Insurance Claim column). This number can be provided to the medical contact and used to obtain medicines from a pharmacy.


If a reported case is modified or supplemented in SwissSalary Direct Self-service Portal by the employee who had an accident, the changes are only displayed in the case after synchronization with SwissSalary Direct. There they may have to be checked again or supplemented before they can be submitted to the insurer.

Important: Such incoming mutations or new stories are NEVER sent automatically to the insurer (not even if Auto Synch is activated, only the cases already reported are automatically synchronized => see Task queue setup).