Calculation of hourly wages with regular working hours

Hourly wage type is set up retrospectively in the ‘Accident insured earnings’ field in the Wage types card - Absences. In general, the following calculation applies: If the person was employed for the entire previous year, the annual total is determined for each insured wage type with retrospective consideration. Calculation time begins from the month preceding the claim case. For a shorter period (employment <12 months), SwissSalary will make a 365-day offset. Added values correspond to the insured earnings base of these wage types.


Calculation of insured earnings of an hourly wage earner with regular working hours or contractually agreed weekly working hours

When an event is reported, working hours must be set to regular for SwissSalary to correctly calculate the wage sum. SwissSalary overrides the ‘retrospective consideration’ information. So, it is not the posted wage bill that is transmitted, but what was contractually agreed. This requires precise recording of monthly parts for the employee concerned and the level of part-time employment (number of agreed weekly hours * 52 / 12) in the Personnel card under the Wages tab.